Erika Ringor’s big break came when she was picked as the lead, opposite Sanaa Lathan as Sidra O’Neal in Spike Lee’s "Love & Basketball”. This character touched fans worldwide and made it ok to be the "bad girl", continuing to give Ringor international notoriety both as an actress and in the world of Basketball. She has used that notoriety to help charities supporting children in health and education by traveling around the country participating nationally in celebrity charity basketball events. 

Currently heavy in the film festival rotation, Erika is one of the leads in the critically acclaimed feature film, “I AM STILL HERE” which exposes the awful truths about child trafficking. Ringor plays the role of Detective Amy Walker. She’s recently starred in BET’s first digital programming show, “REBEL” as DA Julie Smith and two feature films, “Au Pair” and “Home Sweet Deadly Home”, set to be released early next year. 

Other projects completed are Hardlyworking TV Productions web series, “The Fallout” as Jackie, where Erika decided to come out of her comfort zone and take on the role. She’s booked the CBS pilot “The Doctors” and recurring roles on “Law and Order Los Angeles” and the CBS series “Moonlight’ as Detective Theresa Novak. She has had continued success booking television shows such as “Cold Case”, “Ghost Whisperer”, “Hawthorne”, “The Forgotten” and “Sons of Anarchy” to name a few. She is definitely one of Hollywood’s starlets on the rise.