Hey guys! I'm the creator of Unconfined. Many people ask me what inspired the brand. The answer is simple...WOMEN did. 

I come from a family of very strong and independent women. Seeing them overcome obstacles in life and realizing the power of an empowered woman is where my inspiration stems from. When a woman is aware of her self-worth, she values herself. With that comes confidence and the ability to make decisions for herself without being bothered by boundaries that culture and society have created for her. 

Empowerment is the center of this brand and something I'm very passionate about. 

I am blown away by the amazing group of people that continue to support our mission. All designs are inspired by women and created with love on my MacBook. Yes, I'm team Mac and will never switch! 😜Seeing so many people rocking a sense of confidence in our apparel is truly surreal and I cannot express my appreciation for your support through this journey!