Our Story.

Unconfined. isn’t just a word – it’s a statement and way of life. Our mission is to empower and celebrate women in sports and beyond that are "Unconfined" around the world.
We don't draw lines, we cross them.

The Beginning.

Mana Alison is a former college basketball player and a retired women’s tackle football player. While unearthing her passion for football, she discovered the struggles that the sport and its players face. Most people aren’t aware that women’s tackle football even exists. Mana wanted to highlight the dedicated girls and women that sacrifice their time away from their families, friends, and significant others, to play a sport that they love, with no compensation. They simply do it for the PASSION of the game! The lack of awareness and support (and of course her passion for football) is what sparked the creation of her first brand, Miss Gridiron. An apparel line focused solely on women’s tackle football.

The Birth.

When Miss Gridiron hit the market in 2013, the support was overwhelming and the brand grew rapidly. It gained recognition not only in the United States, but internationally as well. As time went on, Mana realized that women in ALL sports struggle to get the same recognition and support as men. But the struggle goes beyond sports. Women often place themselves in a box and allow self-doubt, social influences and stereotypical views to hold them back. Therefore, after 5 years of mainly designing apparel for women’s tackle football, she decided to expand her line. This is when Unconfined. Apparel was born.